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Welcome To Advanced Health Care

We strive to bring innovation to healthcare, with a focus on comprehensive assessment, efficiency, prevention, and personalized care. Our team combines expertise with a daring vision to tackle some of the most challenging healthcare questions

Patient Care

We believe patient care starts with prevention and continues with collaborative multidisciplinary interaction

focused care

Through focused care, we can reduce morbidity and mortality from some of the common and most challenging health conditions

Our vision

To provide our customers (patients) with world class service and technology that will allow them to be continuously healthy.
Advanced Health Care

Our Technology

  • Human-based design
  • AI embedded in our platform
  • Security is a priority – HIPAA & HITRUST compliant
  • Fully Cloud-based SaaS, zero maintenance, zero IT overhead
  • Performance, Scale, and High Availability are built-in
  • Data is critical to our long-term success. We collect and analyze data to make our platform better for our customers
  • All devices are 4G on any global wireless network
  • Devices have local storage for 90 readings

Our Philosophy

  • We define patients as Customers. Customers are the boss.
  • Use technology that is easy to learn and consumed by customers and clinicians.
  • Customer Outcome is what guides us to deliver functionality.
  • Our team members are Health Coaches that build lasting relationships with the customer by being their care navigators.
  • Be Transparent & empower our customers by educating them and providing them the data to make decisions.
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Services We Offer

Experience exceptional care at Advanced Health Care. Our comprehensive services, delivered by skilled professionals, are tailored to meet your unique health needs with utmost dedication and excellence.

patient remote monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our advanced healthcare facility embraces Remote Patient Monitoring, a transformative solution that allows us to monitor patients remotely. Through cutting-edge technology, we can track vital signs, medication adherence, and symptoms from the comfort of patients’ homes. This proactive approach enables early intervention, improved outcomes, and personalized care delivery, revolutionizing the healthcare experience.

Chronic Care Management

Our advanced healthcare website offers cutting-edge Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to enhance patient outcomes. With personalized care plans, frequent check-ins, medication management, and streamlined coordination of services, our CCM program optimizes well-being. By utilizing proactive monitoring and timely interventions, we ensure improved quality of life and reduced hospital readmissions for individuals with chronic conditions.