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RPM Extends Your Care Beyond the Clinic

RPM extends your care beyond the clinic walls. Our remote monitoring program empowers you to take an active role in your health, with real-time data tracked directly between you and your care team. This continuous connection allows for early intervention, personalized treatment plans, and ultimately, improved health outcomes.

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How Can We Help?

Advanced Health Care, as a provider of RPM services, stands ready to support healthcare providers and practices in optimizing patient care. Our expertise in Remote Patient Monitoring ensures that we can streamline the integration of this innovative approach into your existing operations. Here’s how we can help:

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Uninterrupted Patient Care Across the Continuum

Our RPM platform bridges the gap between clinical encounters, enabling you to maintain a seamless continuum of care. With real-time access to patient data, you can proactively monitor health status, identify early warning signs, and intervene promptly, ensuring your patients receive uninterrupted care, regardless of their location. 

Maximized Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Our automated reporting systems and user-friendly dashboards alleviate administrative burdens, empowering your clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality, personalized care to those who need it most, while optimizing your practice’s resources.

Elevated Patient Engagement and Experience

Our user-centric RPM solutions are designed to foster active patient participation, leading to improved treatment adherence and better health outcomes. Through seamless data collection, intuitive self-monitoring tools, and personalized feedback loops, your patients feel empowered to take control of their health journey, resulting in heightened satisfaction with your services. 

Future-Proof Practice Growth and Sustainability

Position your practice at the forefront of healthcare innovation by embracing our cutting-edge RPM technology. As value-based care models continue to gain traction, our RPM solutions equip you with the necessary tools to deliver superior care while aligning with evolving reimbursement structures, ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of your practice. 

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of Remote Patient Monitoring and elevate the standard of care for your patients, while maximizing operational efficiencies and positioning your practice for continued success in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Our vision

To provide our customers (patients) with world class service and technology that will allow them to be continuously healthy.
Advanced Health Care

Our Technology

  • Human-based design
  • AI embedded in our platform
  • Security is a priority – HIPAA & HITRUST compliant
  • Fully Cloud-based SaaS, zero maintenance, zero IT overhead
  • Performance, Scale, and High Availability are built-in
  • Data is critical to our long-term success. We collect and analyze data to make our platform better for our customers
  • All devices are 4G on any global wireless network
  • Devices have local storage for 90 readings

Our Philosophy

  • We define patients as Customers. Customers are the boss.
  • Use technology that is easy to learn and consumed by customers and clinicians.
  • Customer Outcome is what guides us to deliver functionality.
  • Our team members are Health Coaches that build lasting relationships with the customer by being their care navigators.
  • Be Transparent & empower our customers by educating them and providing them the data to make decisions.
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Better Care with Real-Time Insights: The Value of Our Remote Patient Monitoring Platform